Door County Dried Cherries- Crafted by Weinke Family Farm


Door County Dried Cherries- Crafted by Weinke Family Farm
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Don and Jane Wienke have been selling their homemade Wiscon­sin goods out of their Door County farmstead since 1967. What started as a hobby garden grew to a roadside stand business until they eventually converted their barn into a full market. Their infamous Door County cherries are a local favorite and just one of hundreds of Wisconsin made products the Wienke market offers today.

About the cherries: Dried in small batches, Door County cherries retain their orchard-fresh taste (and naturally pretty red color) while serving up the tart-sweet tang so distinctive to the region’s famous stone fruit. Lightly sweetened with cane sugar. If you can spare them, add to oatmeal cookies or biscotti. If not, serve with cheese and chocolate and thank us later.

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